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Contractors Manufacturing is now Robbins HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment
Custom Built Horizontal Directional Drills and Equipment

At Robbins HDD, we learned the business the hard way. We've been in the field working with our machines, drilling under some of the most difficult natural and man-made obstacles since the invention of horizontal directional drilling. The result? We know exactly what these machines need to do. So we build them tough using top quality brand name components, like John Deere and Caterpillar engines. We know how tough it is to cross a major obstacle. We know the best way to get it done. So we know how to build the best machine for the job.

Custom Built Products
We begin with common platforms, but we engineer and construct horizontal directional drilling machines that meet the specific needs of our customers. Pound-for-pound, at Robbins HDD we provide more value to our customers, both in the equipment and customer support.

Expert Training
Our customers bank on our extensive knowledge and expertise when they ask us to build some of the toughest, custom designed machines. And they look to us to teach them how to use the equipment, including how to optimize its performance in the field. We assemble a team from Robbins and our valued component suppliers and create a training program as customized as our equipment.

Drilling Worldwide
As Contractors, our machines have drilled all over the world and in all manner of soil and hard rock conditions. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty. We've worked along side our customers, making crossings on nearly every continent, under the biggest, widest rivers, and under hill and dale. It is this diversity of environments that has taught us what works best in virtually every type of geology. We've taken what we've learned to design and build the best equipment we know how.

Now that Contractors is part of The Robbins Company, we expect to do what we've always done, build the best machines that can drill further, deeper and faster than just about any horizontal directional drilling machine out there.

Take a look at our equipment, then give us a call or send an e-mail.

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